Apps That Never Get Old Always Trending

Instagram Lite for Android

Rather than focus on the apps that were fantastic in 2010 or the mobile apps that we are going to be looking forward to in the next few months I thought I would spend some time looking at the apps that I keep going back to time and time again. Have a look through the list to see if you agree with me.

Tune In Radio

The great thing about Tune In radio is not that it allows you to listen to some of the biggest radio stations in the country but that it also allows you to tune into some of the stations that are local to you and this is what keeps on bringing me back to the app. Of course like everything there are issues with the app. The main problem is that it runs the battery low faster than most apps so if you are listening to it at work just make sure you are charging at the same time.

Fruit Ninja

This is an app that keeps me coming back time and time again even though the game design is very simple and outside of the mobile world would not do very well. In case you haven’t had a chance to play this game all you need to do is cut fruit in half whilst avoiding the bombs that pop up from time to time. The reason to keep coming back is to try and beat high scores. When I made the transition from iPhone to Windows 7 last month I even purchased the app for my new phone!

Game Dev Story

As a gamer this game automatically appealed to me but at first I thought it would simply be playing for five minutes but this game as a lot of depth to it for a simple iPhone game. You control a game developer company striving to push forward and beat competition whilst keeping up with the console additions that appear over the years.  Adding conferences that are similar to E3 is a great idea and it makes you really pull out all of the stops to try and make the game your company is currently developing shine beyond the rest. I have played this game more than some of my console games!


Sure both of these apps Instagram Lite for Android And Facebook For Android have their bugs and are far from perfect but they are great for updating social profiles and they do the job well enough. There are other apps that emulate this better but people just prefer using the brands to do the job for them. Of course the reason that people have for coming back is down to having to constantly update statuses and checking to see what friends are up too.

Action Complete

For those that are busy, and have lots of things to do, you’re going to need a task manager. This simple, free task manager allows you to upload tasks, as well as check them off as you complete them. It’s very easy to use.

G Docs

If you’re a fan of Google documents, and you tend to use them a lot, you will find that this free application is a great way to create, as well as upload your documents straight through your phone. This is great if you want to take your documents on the go.

Cashbook – I love cashbook,

as it is a great expense manager. You can input any expense into your phone as you spend money. You will find that it is a great way to budget your money, as well as keep track of expenses, and more.

VNC Viewer

If you want to reach your desktop remotely, this is an awesome application. With VNC, you can connect to any desktop with the VNC software on it. Once connected, your Android will act just like your desktop.

Even if these apps aren’t really that great they keep me interested and sell well so they must be doing something right.